Personal Training

Personal Training is a great way to build your strength and confidence one day at a time; especially when your fitness regimen has gotten stale and you’re not hitting your goals. Whatever your circumstances, having a personal coach can be the difference between reaching that goal you have been putting off and adding to another set of failed New Year’s Resolutions. Indeed, your health and wellbeing should be your top priority!

If you aren’t hitting your goals, then what is your training doing? Beyond failing to attain your peak, training without direction and supervision can be a waste of time and lead to injury or burnout. A personal trainer can help you stay motivated and accountable to stick to your fitness program. So, you’ll see yourself at your physical best.

Working on your fitness is a journey and you often need a hand through this eye-opening adventure! Coach Josh can be there to motivate you and hold you accountable for the objectives you’ve set for yourself. You’ll get strong and fit, keeping up with the daily demands, as well as experience a sense of accomplishment because you have made your health a top priority!

Backpacking Training

Backpacking Training will give you a head-start in your quest to conquer the Himalayas of Nepal, the mountains of Tasmania, or your local national park! Nature is unforgiving, so you need to have the appropriate fitness level for all that hiking and backpacking. Remember, the longer and more complex the hike, the longer you have to prepare for the adventure.

The best way to prepare for backpacking is to develop a solid plan. Figure out what your weaknesses are, and develop your strength and conditioning accordingly. If you’re new to backpacking, it is best to start small and build your way up!

Why should you work your way up before you grab your backpack and go? Proper preparation will reduce the chance of injury and pain during and after your trek. We aren’t out there to punish ourselves. You can actually enjoy the experience more if you’re physically and mentally ready for the backpacking or hiking challenge ahead. Nothing dampens the adventure more than the thought that you won’t be able to handle the hike’s distance and the weight of your backpack.


Online Personal Training

Online Personal Training may be what you need to get your circulation going after months of getting stuck on the couch! Sure, you can always download an exercise app of some sort but nothing beats one-on-one instruction from a fitness expert. Did I mention that you can even workout right in the comfort of your home?

Online Personal training is personal training at a distance. Each program is customised based on your goals current fitness level.

Online Personal training is convenient, affordable, and practical. You can train at the gym or at home. And, working out at home helps you save heaps due to no gym fees. Plus, you actually get insights straight from a trainer who earnestly cares about your fitness!

Boxing Training

Boxing training might just be what you need to reset and enjoy exercise once again!

Besides getting you closer to your fitness goals, boxing teaches you basic self-defence. Not only is boxing good for your health but it’s also great for your personal development.

The best part of boxing training is that it’s a true all-around workout! During a boxing lesson, you will train your mind and body in a way that few sports can.

Boxing is an integral part of nearly all combat sports. If you’re interested in general fitness or getting into the fight game, you can’t go wrong with boxing.

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Backpacking Preparation

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