The Man in the Arena

Strip or Retire: The Man in the Arena

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse to never have tried to succeed.” – Theodore Roosevelt “Strip or Retire” was written above the doors of Roman wrestling schools. Roman wrestlers fought in the nude, and the meaning was simple: Compete or Quit. Put yourself on the line for honour and glory, or leave. Most people can respect this risk. We inherently know that it takes a certain type of person risk their reputation, their health, and their livelihood on the chance of success. Humans have always revered those who risked all for the chance of greatness. Think of…
The Training Grounds

Adaptive Training: A Functional Training Paradigm

What is your training designed to do? Are you performing each movement with a purpose in mind, knowing exactly how each exercise will lead toward your goals? Or, are you just ‘exercising’ in hopes that you will perform better? ‘Functional’ is quite the buzzword these days. Everyone touts ‘functional’ training, but few know what they mean when using this term. Functional is relative, and specific, to your chosen endeavours. Sports specific training is functional. Strength training is functional. Energy-systems based conditioning is functional. Why? They improve your capacity to perform and adapt. From this point, I will refer to truly…
It's all about living

Welcome to the Holistic Living Blog!

About the blog EDIT: You may have noticed the blog name has changed. See why here.   ‘Holistic’ is a term thrown around a lot, and to many people it means different things. In this case, it refers to a way of life, a way in which all the parts of ourselves are interconnected to create a whole. The purpose of this blog is to show how to improve those parts, to highlight anything and everything that adds value to life. ‘Holistic Living’ is a term I have coined that refers to how each part of our life affects the…

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