Coronavirus wont stop Tasmania

Doing My Part: COVID19 Specials

It’s a tough time for everyone because of the myriad effects of COVID19 . It is particularly hard for those who thrive off of routine and a regular schedule to maintain their healthy habits. I know it isn’t much, but for the duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic, I will endeavour to produce as much helpful content as I am able and make coaching as accessible as I can. For example, I recently published over 60 free exercise videos for training at home (or the gym). I am also planning on releasing more adventure content over the coming weeks to help…
An ideal homegym set up

Workout Ideas for Training at Home (or the Gym)

People always ask me how best to perform certain exercises. When training at home it can be difficult for me to explain or demonstrate how to perform your workout properly. This is why I have been working on a movement library! This YouTube playlist contains dozens of exercise variations that can be used when training at home or the gym, and can be performed with a variety of equipment! The main reason I have put together all of these exercise demonstrations is for the purpose of my online coaching. With each program comes links for video demonstrations. That way my…

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