Hi, I'm Coach Josh Wood. I am a Fitness Coach and Wilderness Guide who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. My goal is to help people find their passion for activity. I do my work in the realm where training meets real world adventure. My training philosophy centres around the idea that the ability to be physically active is a gift, and exercise can be the highpoint of your day! My goal is to help you build yourself up in pursuit of your goals, and help you achieve your best self.   I have been in the fitness industry for ten years, beginning in 2009 when I started coaching Mixed Martial Arts. Since then I’ve coached at a women only strength facility (Melbourne), a boxing gym (Melbourne), a boutique personal training and kickboxing studio (British Columbia), and now at Anytime Fitness Hobart. I have a broad training background, having competed in Boxing, Powerlifting, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Plus, with qualifications in health science, complementary medicine, coaching, and education I can provide a unique and tailored experience to every client. My focus is on getting people strong, fit, and capable in any arena.   As a Wilderness Guide, I interact with many adventure sport athletes who, like any athlete, put their bodies under intense strain. Working and spending my time in this realm has helped me develop a well-structured training program that can improve performance and reduce injury rates.   When not coaching or guiding I spend most of my time outside exploring, or inside, exploring the world of music, literature, and writing.


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