I am a personal fitness coach who brings together fitness training and the real world. My paradigm revolves around the idea that what you do in the gym, or in your training, should help you excel in your chosen endeavours out in the world.

Currently, I am also working as a bushwalking guide in Tasmania, Australia. I have spent the better part of the last decade studying the body through manual therapies, health science, Chinese Medicine, and fitness. I also dedicated six-years to teaching at a massage school, in Melbourne Australia, to hone my communication and facilitation skills. During this time I also became a qualified powerlifting coach, a personal trainer, and started working as a strength coach and boxing coach. With qualifications in health science, manual and complementary medicine, coaching, training, and education, my diverse background allows for a unique and tailored experience!

When it comes to combat sports and self-defense, I have been training in various combat sports since 2006 with a focus on MMA, BJJ, and Boxing; although, I consider myself a boxer. I specialize in working with beginners and laying a solid foundation for any of your sporting aspirations. I consider myself a true personal trainer, with a philosophy centered on helping the individual reach their goals in a manner that is both engaging and practical. My goal is to keep you doing what you love, as long as you love doing it.

When not coaching you will find me outside exploring, or inside, exploring the world of music, literature, and writing.

Head over to my blog to find out more about my thoughts on living and training.



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