Great interviews with Coach Josh

Over the last year, I have had the opportunity to speak with some very interesting people who are experts in their fields. Below are three of my favourite conversations.

Jonathan Fuentes is a student of biomechanics, based out of Florida.

Rowan from the Training for Trekking Podcast is based out of Sydney Australia and is a fellow backpacker.

Nick and Jane are Chinese Medicine practitioners from Melbourne Australia.

Training for Trekking: Training In Self-Quarantine and Adventure Guide Fitness

In this episode, I interview adventure coach Josh Wood (straight from his self-quarantine), and we discuss physical preparation for guides and backpackers as well as some great ways to stay active and productive when stuck at home.

Josh is an incredibly interesting adventure coach. He works with hikers and guides and helps them get in a position where they thoroughly enjoy their adventures, by improving their fitness and reducing their likelihood of injury.

This episode covers:

  • Why following the fitness advice provided by your hiking company, might be setting you up for failure
  • Why physical conditioning is SO important for adventure guides (plus how to incorporate it into the hiking season)
  • The most critical areas for a hiker to strengthen (plus a range of fantastic exercise options for this)
  • Two essential pieces of gear you need if you struggle with sleep on the trail How to maintain (and even increase) your hiking strength and conditioning when stuck at home
  • A few great ideas on how to ensure your time stuck at home is productive
  • One great suggestion on how to keep positive and adventurous during this trying time

Jonathan Fuentes Podcast: Martial Arts, Biomechanics, and Hiking with Coach Josh Wood

Enjoy this recent interview from Jonathan Fuentes' podcast. In this show we discuss everything from biomechanics, training, and martial arts to hiking and backpacking.

Talking about pain with Coach Josh Wood

Nick and Jane talk about the importance of flavours and health. They are then joined by Josh Wood to discuss the difference between good and bad pain.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • 5 flavours in Chinese medicine
  • Nick discovers meditation
  • Jane has wrist pain and a bad mood
  • How Nick and Jane use acupuncture for pain relief
  • What is the difference between “good” and “bad” pain?
  • Is exercise good for people with chronic pain (all pain, back pain, headaches)?
  • Does poor posture habits cause chronic pain?
  • Can stress or emotional trauma manifest into physical pain?
  • Bird dog and dead bug - two quick exercises that everyone can do at home that will improve their life

Which interview was most interesting to you? If you have questions, drop them below!

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