In the Mountains

Nepal Packing List

Example List for Trekking Nepal The final list in my series on Packing for Adventure. Here is a General Packing List and My Guiding Packing List. This final list is for my upcoming trip to Nepal. This trip will last from September 29th to November 6th. I will be trekking the Three Passes in the Khumbu region of the Himalaya for 16-18 days and then visiting Chitwan Jungle for around 4-days. From there I will be going solo on a trek in the Annapurna foothills with a trekking company on behalf of Soulful Concepts, a company I will be working…
Morning View

Wilderness Guide Packing List

Example List for Wilderness Guiding This article is the second part of my series on Packing for an Adventure. The following list is what I use when on a professional guiding trip. This list only reflects my personal gear. The company I work for also requires the packing of emergency equipment, communication devices, and fresh food. My total pack weight for work is between 18 and 22kg on a typical trip.   The weight provided is the ‘base weight’ which is the total weight of everything in the pack, minus worn clothing and consumables. The weight will go up with…
The Tarkine

Packing for an Adventure: General Packing List

Tips on Packing for a Backpacking Trip: General Packing One of the questions I get asked most is: How do I pack for a backpacking trip? Getting out of your comfort zone and seeking adventure is all part of the Wild Living Blueprint. Stepping out your front door takes risk, but with risk comes the chance of great reward. Proper preparation will go a long way towards your success. This is a huge topic for discussion, and I am going to try to simplify it for you. Below are some packing examples and a backpacking trip itinerary for my upcoming…
Tasman Island from the Blade

Guiding at the End of the World

As seen on fjallraven.com.au Imagine standing on the tallest sea cliffs in the southern hemisphere. From 300-metres up you can see Australian Fur Seals, which at this height are just little black dots. Across from you, on the towering cliffs of Tasman Island, stands the 100-year old gleaming white tower that is the Tasman Lighthouse. It took you three days of walking to get here. You arrived on a white sand beach via boat. You passed over a small mountain. You meandered through the Ellarway Valley, and across Tornado Ridge. You trekked seven kilometres across the imposing heathland of Cape…

The Bigger Three

As seen on fjallraven.com.au When talking about backpacking, the bare essentials are usually called “The Big Three.” The Big Three are your choice of backpack, sleep system, and shelter. These items comprise the most important kit you can take with you on a trip. The backpack should be large enough to accommodate all of your gear inside. The sleep system is the combination of sleeping mat and sleeping bag (or quilt) that you will use; which depends on the environment you will be in. While the shelter will be key to keeping dry and storing your gear. But, what are…
Finding the Wild

Wild Living: A Lifestyle Blueprint

Wild: Occurring, growing, or living in a natural state. -The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition Wild Living is my updated mission. Think of it as ‘Holistic Living Plus’. After a while ‘Holistic Living’ felt too ‘hippy.’ As much as the word holistic has value, it has been commandeered by many groups who tarnish its name to sell woo products and incomplete lifestyles. In fact, an acquaintance of mine wrote an amazing article about this, and I will refer you to her work: I used to be a holistic nutritionist. Wild Living is about building a lifestyle…

F*ck Burpees

Fuck Burpees: A Critical Look at Exercise Selection When I first got into fitness coaching I made myself a promise. I promised that I would never program Burpees for my clients if I could find a better exercise for their goals. So far, I have kept that promise, and never programmed burpees. The Burpee is the most ubiquitous movement in the fitness world. It is the bread and butter of conditioning, and your just-deserts for that cheat meal you had, or for showing up late, or because you think you deserve them, or your trainer does, or because you didn’t…
Boxing is My Yoga

Mindful Movement: Boxing is My Yoga

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. -Bruce Lee   Depending on whom you ask, meditation can have many definitions. Many will say that movement can’t be meditation, or that there is only one way to meditate. However, if we get down to the essence of it, meditation is any action (or inaction) that leads to a silent mind and total awareness. This is often accomplished through breathing exercises, thought problems (koans), mantras, and movements. This form of self-improvement is often associated with Eastern…
The Man in the Arena

Strip or Retire: The Man in the Arena

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse to never have tried to succeed.” – Theodore Roosevelt “Strip or Retire” was written above the doors of Roman wrestling schools. Roman wrestlers fought in the nude, and the meaning was simple: Compete or Quit. Put yourself on the line for honour and glory, or leave. Most people can respect this risk. We inherently know that it takes a certain type of person risk their reputation, their health, and their livelihood on the chance of success. Humans have always revered those who risked all for the chance of greatness. Think of…
The Training Grounds

Adaptive Training: A Functional Training Paradigm

What is your training designed to do? Are you performing each movement with a purpose in mind, knowing exactly how each exercise will lead toward your goals? Or, are you just ‘exercising’ in hopes that you will perform better? ‘Functional’ is quite the buzzword these days. Everyone touts ‘functional’ training, but few know what they mean when using this term. Functional is relative, and specific, to your chosen endeavours. Sports specific training is functional. Strength training is functional. Energy-systems based conditioning is functional. Why? They improve your capacity to perform and adapt. From this point, I will refer to truly…

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