EDIT: With the opening of gyms, the COVID19 code will stop working at the end of the week. If you are a Tasmanian struggling to make ends meet, and you want to train, let me know and lets try to work something out.

It’s a tough time for everyone because of the myriad effects of COVID19 . It is particularly hard for those who thrive off of routine and a regular schedule to maintain their healthy habits.

I know it isn’t much, but for the duration of the Coronavirus Pandemic, I will endeavour to produce as much helpful content as I am able and make coaching as accessible as I can. For example, I recently published over 60 free exercise videos for training at home (or the gym). I am also planning on releasing more adventure content over the coming weeks to help keep the sense of adventure alive in all of us, because there will be adventures again!

Until gyms open again, all online, virtual, and digital training packages will be 15% of if you use the code ‘COVID19’.

If you are a Tasmanian resident and finances are the reason you can’t keep up your training, health, or just need a consult, please send me a message and lets chat about how I can help out. As Tasmanians it is time to reinforce our community ties in the face of the Coronavirus madness.

Be well everyone.

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My focus is PERSONALISED coaching to reach your goals. Coaching those with a sense of adventure means making sure your training matches your needs. Working with a coach takes out the guesswork and makes sure every session means a more time spent enjoying hiking, backpacking, or performing at your job without injury!

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