This time last year I was gasping for breath while backpacking along the Mount Everest Base Camp and Three Passes trail in Nepal's Himalayan Range. It still blows my mind how mighty the Nepali Himalaya are. Truly, the top of the world. And seeing Mount Everest is a backpackers dream. I'm not talking about seeing her from base camp (because you can't). I mean staring her in the face from over 5000m up on one of the three passes. Sagarmatha, as she is named in Sanskrit, roughly means 'great head above the sea'. She is truly breath-taking (at that height you only have about 50% oxygen anyway).

The year of 2020 has been tough for everyone (COVID19, politics, etc.), and I know that many (myself included) have been missing the freedom of the open trail and the thin, crisp, air of the mountains.

So, take a minute and walk the Himalayas with me.

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Now, let me help you prepare for that next great adventure!

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