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*NOTE: Check out this excellent client experience with online training.

Coaching is what I do; training is what you do. I have been working hard to bring you this new platform for personal online training. So, here it is.

Imagine having a personal trainer who can coach you towards your goals. Imagine being able to have a coach create customised training programs, monitor your diet, suggest lifestyle changes, help with your sleep, and plan out your workouts across the week. Now, imagine having that in your pocket!

My new online training platform allows me to create that personal training experience without having to be in the same room as you. Online personal training is the way to go if you’re training to lose a few kilos, get strong, or prepare for Everest Base Camp.

Lets take a look at how it works.

Learn the Process

Skip the paperwork and piles of emails with my dedicated on-boarding process. Your first set of ‘workouts‘ teach you how to we are going to work together using the app.

Videos Galore!

Every exercise has a video to show you what to do.

You can add your results below the exercise and even attach a picture or video. The added photo or video will be stored for later reference (to track progress), and allows me to help you with your form.

Plan your week

You’ll always know what is ahead of you. You will know what workouts are coming up, when to check in, and which days are for rest and relaxation. This helps with preparation and accountability.

Train Anywhere

Working out in a well-stocked gym makes life easier, but we can absolutely work towards your goals with basic equipment at home.

If you can’t visit me at Amplify Fitness in Hobart, Tasmania, then I’ll come to you through online training.

Feel free to leave your questions below. Otherwise, email me here.

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About Me

My focus is PERSONALISED coaching to reach your goals. Coaching those with a sense of adventure means making sure your training matches your needs. Working with a coach takes out the guesswork and makes sure every session means a more time spent enjoying hiking, backpacking, or performing at your job without injury!

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