Coach Josh

Hi, I'm Coach Josh Wood. I am a Fitness Coach and Wilderness Guide who lives in Hobart, Tasmania. My goal is to help people find their passion for activity. I do my work in the realm where training meets real world adventure. My training philosophy centres around the idea that the ability to be physically active is a gift, and exercise can be the highpoint of your day! My goal is to help you build yourself up in pursuit of your goals, and help you achieve your best self. Read more

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Fitness Training

Get stronger, fitter, and more capable! Improve your quality of life, and look good naked!
Towards Island Base Camp

Backpacking Preparation Training

Become resilient, injury free, and excel at your adventures!

Boxing and Combat Sports

Technical Striking for MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing


Josh is a motivator. He's an educator. He knows what he's doing. Josh is patient. Josh is a natural connector- he teaches you how to connect your mind and body through movement and nutrition. This leads to a healthier body and spirit. Josh is a coach that supports you and challenges you to be the better you. #coachknowsbest #becomingninja

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