Personal training in Battery Point has become a popular way for those who either work or live in this suburb to work at the levels of fitness they wish to achieve to make the most of their lives. Coach Josh Wood uses his wide experience to deliver personal training services to the highest of standards. He assists people to focus on clear goals and manageable achievements, while enjoying the time they spend in this area.

Boxing Training Battery Point

A punch fitness activity!

Boxing training is a terrific way to build fitness levels and improve skills. Coach Josh Wood works so well with beginners and then right up to combat-level athletes. As a hugely experienced martial arts and boxing coach, he covers a range of both boxing skills and foundational striking. An increasingly popular fitness activity, in Battery Point and beyond!

Backpacking Training

From Battery Point to where?

You might backpack or hike locally, or much further afield, from New Zealand to North America. As an experienced wilderness guide, Coach Josh Wood can take you through key preparation areas - either personally or online. This helps avoid unnecessary injuries and ensures you are effectively prepared to make the most of every step of your adventure.

Online Personal Training Battery Point

Do you prefer to train on your own, whether you use gym facilities or other locations? If so, these online programmes, along with Coach Josh Wood, can deliver the perfect partnership. Using state-of-the-art coaching systems to ensure goal-oriented accountability; these are paired with individual progress-tracking check-ins and one-to-one consults. Coaching packages can include dietary coaching.

Contacting Coach Josh

He can be quickly reached by filling-in our simple online enquiry form