Personal training in Berriedale allows both local residents, and people who work here, to spend time developing their fitness levels to cope effectively with the life they lead. Locally-based coach, Coach Josh Wood, can deliver a wide range of activities, matched to his experience and qualifications, that help people here in Berriedale make the most of their commitment and reach out towards their own specific goals.

Boxing Training Berriedale

A punchy fitness possibility!

Boxing training is now an accepted part of so many fitness regimes. It works so well at levels from eager beginner right through to canny combat athlete. Coach Josh Wood has both boxing and martial arts experience to call on, and covers both key boxing and foundational striking skills. In Berriedale and beyond, this is a fun way to work towards improved fitness!

Backpacking Training

From Berriedale to where?

You might be aiming to backpack and hike Tasmania, elsewhere in Australia, or at the far ends of the earth. Before you set out, professional backpacking training is so vital. It helps you to prepare for whatever you might encounter, and to avoid unnecessary and troublesome injury problems. Coach Josh Wood is a wilderness guide, and his online or in person Backpacking Preparation Training will make you fit for purpose before you hit the trail.

Online Personal Training Berriedale

Online personal training is a proven way to make the most of the time you have decided to spend in improving your fitness levels. The actual training may be a solitary activity, or carried out at a busy gym, but the development of a personalised and goal-oriented plan is vital. Coach Josh offers a range of state-of-the-art choices, which can include dietary coaching. Each can be backed up with quality one-to-one coaching opportunities and highly useful accountability check-ins.

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