Personal training in Derwent Park is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for people who either live or work in this area. They are gaining an advantage from programmes which are closely targeted to the achievement of individual goals while taking particular account of their current skills and fitness levels. A highly qualified coach, offering such local personal training services, Coach Josh Wood will help you make the effort to achieve a standard of fitness to help you better cope with whatever Derwent Park life throws at you.

Boxing Training Derwent Park

A great multi-level fitness activity!

Another increasingly popular way of keeping fit and active in the Derwent Park area is boxing training. Learning the basics, or striving to reach and maintain a combat athlete level, experienced Coach Josh Wood can work with you. He covers both general boxing and foundational striking skills; using his know-how to help you develop and improve.

Backpacking Training

Where the journey begins

If you are interested in spending time out-of-doors, whether backpacking or hiking, then Coach Josh Wood can provide both online or personal coaching in the Derwent Park area. You may be aiming for trips in Tasmania, across Australia, or much further afield. No matter the destination, the starting point needs to be thorough preparation. Coach Josh Wood is an experienced wilderness guide, and is ready to help you prepare to avoid both problems and injury during your trip.

Online Personal Training Derwent Park

Online coaching and personal training helps Derwent Park residents to achieve key fitness goals. This is the case whether they use gym facilities as an individual, or train in their own private space. Matching this with a state-of-the-art online goal-oriented programme, individually-focused, helps to prevent injury, and can provide dietary coaching advice. They also offer one-to-one coaching and valuable accountability check-ins.

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