Personal training in Glenorchy is an increasingly popular way to keep fit and expand your skills. Using a handy local location, Coach Josh Wood appreciates the effort and commitment needed to change habits, and to find the time to do so. He works with people who live or work in Glenorchy at so many different levels, helping each individual to use personal training to better cope with life’s challenges. This training is always focused on your goals and in building resilience in a way that can be enjoyed.

Boxing Training Glenorchy

For beginners to combat athletes

No matter your level of experience, boxing training works so well at building your strength, mobility and movement fitness levels. It also helps develop or hone key skills across many other fight sports. Experienced boxing and martial arts coach, Coach Josh Wood, provides envigorating boxing training, available locally, honing in on both key boxing skills and foundational striking.

Backpacking Training

Being ready for that adventure

You might be planning to head out from Glenorchy into the wild world - be it in other parts of our stunning island or further afield in North America or Asia. You want to hike and backpack to see the world at an intimate and involving level. No matter your destination, the key is preparation! As a wilderness guide, Coach Josh Wood appreciates how best to prepare to avoid injuries and make the most of what can be a life-changing outdoors experience. Your backpacking training can be undertaken in person or online.

Online Personal Training Glenorchy

You may prefer to train on your own, whether working in a private location or at a gym. Using state-of-the-art coaching systems, based on the key requirements of structure, precision and accountability, Coach Josh Wood can be right there with you, offering one-to-one consultation and progress tracking check-ins. Dietary coaching can also be a key part of your overall experience.

Contact Coach Josh Wood

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