Personal training for Goodwood residents and those who visit for work is an increasingly frequent choice to help gain, and maintain, their desired levels of fitness. Delivering such personal training services, Coach Josh Wood is highly qualified and vastly experienced. He will help you build your confidence levels, develop the skills and techniques, and be with you to keep your commitment just where it should be. A great way to make the most of your Goodwood lifestyle!

Boxing Training Goodwood

Ringing the fitness bell!

Boxing training is the choice of increasing numbers of people as a great way to work on their fitness. As a martial arts and boxing expert, Coach Josh has wide experience of working with committed combat athletes as well as eager beginners. This is a great way to develop both your boxing and foundational striking skills, and improve fitness levels, in Goodwood.

Backpacking Training

Getting ready for departure!

From Goodwood to wherever in the country, or world, you are aiming for, backpacking and hiking can provide the adventures you long for! But, as a wilderness guide, Coach Josh knows this is only true if you have prepared professionally and given yourself the best chance of avoiding injury. This is why his online or in person backpacking training is the best way to really get ready to go.

Online Personal Training Goodwood

Locally-based online training delivers that vital personal touch. Whether you attend a gym, or work your own private space, a personal fitness programme, which is both state-of-the-art and personally goal-oriented, is just right for you. It should always be backed up with personal coaching and the chance to assess progress with accountability checks. Dietary coaching can also be part of the process. This is what Coach Josh can deliver for you.

Finding Coach Josh Wood

Couldn’t be simpler. Just complete our online enquiry form and Coach Josh will contact you