Personal training in Hobart is a terrific way to improve your fitness and expand key skills, whether to take part in sports, or just to better enjoy the life you currently live. Locally-based coach, Coach Josh Wood, works with people at all levels, helping build their commitment and confidence, and gain the resilience that helps them to cope with whatever life might throw at you. Highly-qualified and hugely experienced in many personal training disciplines, Coach Josh focuses on you, your wishes and goals, avoids shortcuts, and builds consistency, as you work hard to improve your lifestyle.

Boxing Training Hobart

For all levels of experience

With many years of experience in the fields of boxing and martial arts, Coach Josh Wood, provides your local Hobart area access for developing a wide range of boxing skills and foundational striking. Such skills can build strength and mobility and develop or sharpen your key abilities for involvement in a wide range of fight sports to combat athlete level.

Backpacking Training

Adventure preparation

Hobart is a great starting point for a backpacking and hiking expedition with the aim of discovering the wilderness areas of our magnificent island. Of course, you might be heading out into the wider world. No matter your ultimate destination, the vital starting point is effective preparation. As an experienced and enthusiastic wilderness guide, working in person or online, Coach Josh Wood can help you to avoid the injuries and the planning mistakes that others suffer.

Online Personal Training Hobart

Whether enjoying privacy at home, or working in a gym, Coach Josh Wood’s online personal training services uses state-of-the-art coaching systems. Actions are based on developing an effective goal oriented structure, and in the elements of precision and accountability. Including effective dietary coaching, make sure Coach Josh Wood is right there with you, checking and discussing your progress through tracking and coaching check-ins.

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