Personal training in Lenah Valley is on-hand for those living in this terrific suburb, or if you spend your working day in or around the area. No matter your current skill levels, personal training expert Coach Josh Wood can help you gain strength and increase fitness. He’ll help you be thoroughly capable of dealing with life in the Lenah Valley area - and the many physical challenges it might offer. With training and coaching targeted towards the achievement of your goals, your highly qualified coach will make your success achievable; all you have to do is commit to making the effort.

Boxing Training Lenah Valley

A punchy personal fitness activity!

Increasing numbers of people, in Lenah Valley and far beyond, are turning to boxing training to boost their fitness levels as they enjoy a busy lifestyle. Josh is an experienced coach and trainer in this field. He can work with you, whether you are a beginner or are keen to experience combat athlete level activities. He’ll help you develop both general boxing and foundational striking skills.

Backpacking Training

Preparing for any journey

Your backpacking or hiking expedition might set out from Lenah Valley. You might be headed just round the corner to Mount Wellington, or across the world to the Appalachian Mountains of the US. Wherever you go, preparation is vital to keep you safe from injury and well-prepared for every possibility. Coach Josh Wood, as an experienced wilderness guide himself, can take you through the sound planning needed to avoid problems, and effective preparatory training to help avoid injury. Available in person or online.

Online Personal Training Lenah Valley

Both online coaching and personal training can help you reach your fitness goals while you are working alone. You might work out in your own private space, or as an individual member of a gym. Either way, you can liaise closely online with Coach Josh. He will help you to avoid injury, consider your dietary requirements, and work with you towards your individual goal-oriented programmes. He’ll use coaching systems which are state-of-the-art, offer one-to-one consultation, and take part in accountability check-ins.

Here’s Coach Josh Wood

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