Personal training in Lutana offers professional help to those who live or work in this terrific suburb. A locally-based and highly-experienced coach, Coach Josh Wood uses his extensive knowledge to offer expert guidance to individuals who appreciate that personal training can be a great help in their achieving the levels of fitness they desire. His aim is to help you reach your own goals, becoming better equipped to cope with the challenges of a busy lifestyle.

Boxing Training Lutana

The fitness power of the punch!

An increasing number of people in Lutana appreciate that boxing training truly packs a punch in helping them become, and remain, fitter. Whether striving to be a combat-level athlete, or just starting out, Coach Josh Wood covers key boxing skills and foundational striking.

Backpacking Training

Where are you visiting?

You may be backpacking or hiking in some stunning areas of Tasmania. You might be planning to visit another continent. No matter your destination, before setting out from Lutana, it’s vital to be as prepared as possible. Coach Josh Wood is an experienced wilderness guide, and can provide online and personal coaching to make sure you are ready to take bold and safe steps wherever you wish.

Online Personal Training Lutana

Many people enjoy the many benefits of online personal training, whether making use of a gym facility or using their own space. You can make use of state-of-the-art programmes which deliver an accountable and clear structure; together with guidance that includes dietary requirements. You’ll find accountable and precise guidance and structure for your training. One-to-one coaching, plus accountability check-ins, combine into superb goal-oriented personal training packages.

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