Personal training for both Montrose residents and those who visit the suburb for their job is available locally thanks to Coach Josh Wood. Josh is both highly qualified and extremely experienced in delivering such programmes. He helps individuals to set goals, maintain commitment, keep confidence high, and to reach the level of fitness they seek to live their busy Montrose area lifestyle.

Boxing Training Montrose

Making fitness fun!

Boxing training has become an ever-more popular way of building and maintaining fitness levels in Montrose and elsewhere. Coach Josh Wood has experience both in boxing and combat training. This means he can deliver terrific programmes from both beginner level right up to combat athlete performers. He develops both boxing and foundational striking skills for a wide range of clients.

Backpacking Training

About the need for preparation!

If you are heading out from Montrose on a backpacking or hiking adventure, your destination may be quite local or hugely distant. Either way, the key is to prepare effectively. As an experienced wilderness guide, Coach Josh Wood has developed superb Backpacking Preparation Training - available in person or online - to make sure you are good to go and have the best chance of avoiding frustrating injuries during your trip.

Online Personal Training Montrose

Online training, delivering state-of-the-art programmes, is a terrific way to work effectively at building your fitness in Montrose. Such programmes should be goal-oriented, and help whether you prefer to train in a gym environment, or at your own location. This is what Josh provides, backed up by essential personal one-to-one coaching, and with the opportunity to assess your progress with him through a series of accountability checks. Dietary coaching can also be included.

Reaching Coach Josh Wood

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