Personal training in Moonah is now available for residents and workers in and around the area. Coach Josh Wood works extensively with people at all levels, and can help you become fitter and stronger, better able to cope with the daily challenges of your busy life. Through much experience, Josh knows that personal training should be carefully targeted towards your goals; finding ways to affect and improve the quality of your life and time spent here in Moonah.

Boxing Training Moonah

Improving your skills and fitness

Boxing training is a great way to build your fitness levels, and to work with your skills in a range of other fight sports. Coach Josh Wood provides boxing training, here in Moonah, no matter the level of your current expertise or involvement. The training focuses on both foundational striking and key boxing skills and covers all levels from beginner right through to established combat athletes.

Backpacking Training

Prepare for your adventure

Are you considering a backpacking or hiking expedition, maybe staying here to enjoy magnificent Wild Tasmania? Or do you intend to visit iconic destinations such as Canada or Nepal? No matter the location, what’s vital is preparation! You’ll also want the best chance of avoiding injuries that can hamper your enjoyment and be fully ready for the challenges that will present themselves. Josh offers both personal and online coaching to get you ready for adventure!

Online Personal Training Moonah

If you prefer to work online, training on your own - either at home, or in a gym environment, then we offer state-of-the-art online coaching systems, including dietary coaching. These deliver accountable and precise one-to-one coaching guidance and structure for the training you undertake.

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