Personal training in the New Town suburb area means that whether you live here, or visit to work, you can maximise your time spent keeping fit by making use of the wide range of services offered by experienced personal training Coach Josh Wood Highly qualified and vastly experienced, Josh appreciates the key place fitness holds in the way you live your life in New Town and elsewhere. He knows that time spent should be both productive and enjoyable. Josh works with you to develop skills, build confidence, and harness discipline and commitment, to deliver productive results.

Boxing Training New Town

Enhanced fitness; increased skills

With a background in both martial arts and boxing coaching, Josh helps New Town clients to spend their time using boxing training to keep fit - and more.He works with all levels, from beginners keen to learn, through to combat athletes, developing both general boxing and foundational striking skills. A terrific way to safely and enjoyably punch above your weight!

Backpacking Training

Enjoying the world out there!

From New Town to any corner of Tasmania - or the globe itself. If you are wanting to enjoy backpacking and hiking experiences, then preparing to stay fit and enjoy the adventure to the max is so important. Josh is a wilderness guide of great experience. He really appreciates the importance of careful and professional preparation; the fitness needed to safely avoid possible pitfalls and injuries. He’ll make sure you’re good to go working in person or online.

Online Personal Training New Town

Personal training should be just that - truly personal. You might like to work in a gym, or in your home or other private space. But professional yet personal online training advice and contact is also a vital part of this. Josh delivers through state-of-the-art coaching systems; assisting with goal-based programmes to help you train in an injury-free way, and through paying attention to important dietary requirements. These programmes are so fit for purpose!

Reaching out to Coach Josh Wood

So simple. Just complete the online enquiry form and he’ll quickly be in touch