Personal training right here in North Hobart suburbs offers residents and workers a terrific opportunity to work on their fitness levels and skills in a way that best suits them. Coach Josh Wood is locally based, highly experienced in many personal training disciplines, and has worked successfully with a wide range of individuals in and around North Hobart. Working with Josh can help you gain fitness discipline, build skills, increase your levels of commitment and confidence, and enjoy the resilience to deal with the daily challenges of your North Hobart lifestyle.

Boxing Training North Hobart

Punchy fun!

Josh has so much know-how and experience in the fields of boxing and martial arts training, he offers both a fun way to keep fit and a chance to develop your boxing and foundational striking skills at your desired level. A great way to stay fit and sharp to make the most of life, its joys and its challenges!

Backpacking Training

Adventure beckons!

Setting out from your North Hobart location, you may be backpacking and hiking in Tasmania, another of our great Australian states and territories - or much further afield across the globe. Josh is a terrifically experienced wilderness guide, so he knows the structured preparations to undertake, the pitfalls and injuries to be avoided, and the level of fitness to be built. He can help make sure you are ready to go when it’s time to set out!

Online Personal Training North Hobart

You want online personal training to feel truly personal - and Coach Josh Wood really gets that. You might workout at a gym, or in your own private environment, but the personal contact is vital. Coach Josh Wood’s online personal training services uses state-of-the-art coaching systems to help you train in an injury-free way, while also paying close attention to dietary requirements. You’ll receive goal-oriented programmes and one-to-one accountability check-ins. A terrific way to make the most of your commitment to personal fitness!

Contacting Coach Josh Wood

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