Strong at Home: Your Program for Training at Home!



Stay fit, build the body you want, and get Strong at Home! “Strong at Home” is your go-to resistance band program for training at home.

This is a simple and effective home strength program for all of you adventurous souls who want to do your training at home!

BONUS: There is a video demonstration for every exercise!

All you need to get strong, maintain conditioning, and prevent injuries is two resistance bands. You can make due with a single resistance band, but two of different difficulties are best. Bands are the best tool for training at home.

This program is an A/B split. This means there are two sessions. These can be ramped up to 4-sessions a week while working over the 6-week training block.

Stop sitting around and GET STRONG AT HOME NOW!

If you have access to a gym or a well-stocked home gym check out Foundation Strength.