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‘Holistic’ is a term thrown around a lot, and to many people it means different things. In this case, it refers to a way of life, a way in which all the parts of ourselves are interconnected to create a whole. The purpose of this blog is to show how to improve those parts, to highlight anything and everything that adds value to life.

‘Holistic Living’ is a term I have coined that refers to how each part of our life affects the other parts. For me, a big part of ‘holistic living’ is how the little habits we create (e.g. going to the gym and what we do there) either improve or detract from our ability to thrive and enjoy life. Your mindset, physical cultivation, and education are all elements of ‘training’ that we can improve upon to get more out of life. My view is: the training we do should not take away from our life, but allow us to excel at what we love doing as long as we love doing it!

This blog is also a place of accountability; accountability for you, and accountability for me. I will regularly and if I am not able to post, I will endeavour to let you know. If you are waiting for a post and have not heard from me, then you have my permission to hold me to my word. On the other side, I want this to be a place of discussion, and any topic is open for debate as long as they are in the spirit of learning and sharing. If a post inspires you to create a new habit, please comment about it and use the other readers as a resource to keep yourself accountable.

There will be many stories and lessons learned, many challenges and questions to be offered, but above all the goal will always be to discover ways that our habits and training can prepare us for the trials and adventures that await.

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You are always welcome to get in contact with me. I will do my best to respond to everyone.

Use hashtags #holisticliving and #trainforlife so we can all follow eachother's journeys.



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